Philips 42 inch 3D Display wins Gold Award at SID2006

Philips 42 inch 3D Display wins Gold Award at SID2006
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June 16, 2006 “3D-TV is the next frontier for those in the professional display market seeking differentiation to gain a competitive edge, and for consumers seeking the next level in the immersive entertainment experience.” So sayeth Philips Jos Swillens at the annual Society of Information Display 2006 (SID2006) where Philips showcased its latest 3D displays, picking up a Gold Award in the process for ‘Display of the Year’. The award, given to the Philips 42-inch 3D Intelligent Display, recognises the display with the most novel and outstanding features, including Philips proprietary technology which produces 3D images without the help of specialised content or glasses.

The award-winning Philips 3D display line is the latest in the company’s long history of display innovation, and uses Philips WOWvx technology to take the immersive experience for viewers further than ever before, delivering stunning out-of-screen 3D effects.

“Philips 3D displays based on Philips WOWvx technology is just the latest in a series of exciting innovations,” said Jos Swillens, CEO of Philips 3D Solutions. “Our 3D displays meet the demand for innovation and performance. Best of all, we have accomplished this without the need for special headgear, and with the ability for multiple people to enjoy the same 3D experience at the same time.”

Initial distribution will be for the professional market, with applications such as out-of-home advertising, digital signage, point-of-sale, casinos, and others. Products for the consumer market will follow, promising the next trend in an immersive experience for gaming and home theatre.

Further setting Philips 3D WOWvx apart, the slanted multi-view lenticular lens technology affords full brightness, full contrast, and true colour representation. Philips 3D displays are based on a high-definition panel and create exciting viewing experiences in both 3D and 2D using dual mode displays. Moreover, it allows multiple users to view 3D content at the same time within a large comfort zone.

The 3D display solution from Philips is a complete end-to-end 3D system that supports the process from 3D content creation up to visualisation. Some applications today already use a 3D dataset, but deliver a 2D image at the end. Philips now unlocks this content by supporting the visualisation in 3D. This includes computer animations, real-time 3D applications such as games, and video conversion from 2D to 3D as well as stereo to 3D conversion tools.

Philips 3D Displays are currently available for business applications through select partners in North America and Europe

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