May 23, 2009 Even the greatest domestic bliss can get a tad dull from time to time – but you have to hand it to Dutch electronics giant Philips for trying to brighten up the home front with its range of LED-illuminated home accessories. The products include a vase, wine cooler, coasters and platter and have been designed so as to be used in various combinations to create different moods around the home.

In developing its LED decor range, Philips focused on items that were commonly found in homes, which were simultaneously functional and decorative. Colored LEDs have been incorporated so as to shine into, under or through each of the items. With the platter and coasters the light shines upwards, illuminating whatever is placed on them.

The colored lights in the vase can be set to match the flowers or furnishings. The vase and wine bucket also have white LEDs built into the rim to highlight the flowers or wine bottle respectively. The white and tinted LEDs can be used separately or together to create various effects and the white LED can be brightened, dimmed or made to pulse.

Lighting controls have been integrated into each item so they operate with a soft touch. Each also has an internal battery that lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge.

According to Philips, it hasn't only concentrated on design but made sure the surfaces are robust and scratch-resistant.

Philips' LED home accessories will go on sale this northern-hemisphere autumn, and cost between £50–130 (about USD$80–207).

David Greig

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