Ever wonder why your date prefers to dine out rather than at your house, or your pal suggests watching the game at a bar? Could it be that your home lighting is just not cutting it in the atmosphere stakes? The Phillips LivingColors LED lamp offers an almost infinite number of lighting colors to reflect your mood or the occasion. With a touch of the color wheel you can instantly change the color of a room to invoke the required atmosphere… just remember that the shade that works for your date may not be what you would choose for your pal! Oh, and if you don’t think your mood changes enough to warrant 16 million colors, there’s a mini version that offers a mere 256 colors.

The LivingColors lamp features four low-voltage LEDs that when increased, dimmed, brightened or reduced offer a palette of 16 million color combinations. It can be aimed at a wall or corner of a room, at any angle or height and the small size helps make it an inconspicuous but effective lighting device. The lamp has a tough, translucent surface that is designed to sit flat and it does not emit heat so it can be kept on for hours. The lamp is about 20 cm (7.87”) high and to get the best lighting effect it is suggested that the lamp is placed at 0.5 to 1 meters (1.64 ft to 3.28 ft) from the wall.

The lamp’s remote control allows you to alter the amount of white light in order to create deeper or softer color tones while the dimmer button allows you to increase and decrease the lighting intensity. As the remote works on radio frequency, it can be used from anywhere in the room, it can control up to six lamps and the memory function displays your last selection when the lamp is switched on again.

Like its big brother, the LivingColors Mini allows you to create mood by changing the lighting color. It offers 256 colors, is available in a choice of glossy black, glossy white, silver and copper-gold and has an automatic color changing mode.

These lamps are not exactly cheap, but according to the Philips website, if the LivingColors lamp is on for an average of one and a half hours a day, the LEDs should last for eight to ten years. The LivingColors lamp is priced around GBP159 (approx. US$234 at time of publication) and the Mini version costs around GBP (approx. US$125 at time of publication). See Philips for retailers.