Philips SHB9000 Bluetooth headset

Philips SHB9000 Bluetooth head...
Philips SHB9000 Bluetooth Headset
Philips SHB9000 Bluetooth Headset
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Philips SHB9000 Bluetooth Headset
Philips SHB9000 Bluetooth Headset

January 10, 2008 A full headset designed to deliver high-end sound quality to audiophiles listening to music via their mobile phone, Philips new SHB9000 Bluetooth headset allows users to seamlessly move between music and incoming calls and uses digital signal processing to filter out background noise and echo and automatically adjust volume in response to outside noise.

Featuring advanced sound technology and Philips "SwitchStream", users can automatically move between music and incoming calls without missing a beat and unlike the micro Bluetooth headsets that fit in your ear, the SHB9000 offers the comfort of is a full headset with an adjustable headband and soft leatherette cushioning for both ears. The headset incorporates Philips "Fullsound" digital technology designed to reveal the best in MP3 or CD audio, dynamically enhancing treble, stereo effects and bass for more detailed, richer and more natural listening experience. It also features native MP3 decoding for loss-less direct streaming from many advanced music phones, an acoustically tuned design and 40mm neodymium speakers.

Glenn McIlmail, vice president, customer marketing Peripherals and Accessories, Philips Consumer Lifestyle North America said the headset "is perfect for audiophiles that want to enjoy both music and calls from the phone, without compromising on sound or freedom of movement. The SHB9000 provides our most advanced features to date, designed from the ground-up for best-possible comfort and quality".

Connecting wirelessly - or via the provided cord - with existing portable music and video players, the Philips SHB9000 will be available this spring and will have a suggested retail price of USD$129 respectively.

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