Dental professionals inform us that cleaning between the teeth is essential to good tooth and gum health but regular flossing can be at best time consuming and at worst painful. Philips has introduced a new member to its Sonicare range of dental care products at IFA 2011 that dislodges interdental plaque and bacteria with rapid bursts of air and water. The cordless Sonicare AirFloss is about the same size as a standard electric toothbrush and features an angled nozzle with guidance tip for precision placement.

Philips says that its new Sonicare AirFloss can remove up to 99 per cent more dental plaque from between teeth than brushing alone. The lithium-ion battery-powered device works by sending quick blasts of pressurized air and water droplets through an angled nozzle towards the teeth at anything up to 45 mph, forcing plaque and bacteria out from their respective hiding places. Benefiting from one button operation, it's said that the whole mouth can be spring cleaned in less than a minute.

The power button also includes a charge level indicator light, which blink when the battery needs some juice. The cordless handle is compatible with other Sonicare charging cradles, like the Sonicare FlexCare+, and a full charge is said to last about two weeks of once-a-day use. The built-in reservoir holds two teaspoons of water, and conservationists will no doubt be pleased to hear that the system uses less than one teaspoon of water for two full cleaning sessions.

The Sonicare AirFloss is available now for a recommended retail of US$89.99.

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