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Phone charger incorporates automatic data back-up

Data-backup mobile phone charger
Data-backup mobile phone charger
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Data-backup mobile phone charger
Data-backup mobile phone charger

Losing or having you mobile phone stolen without having the contacts and other important information it contains securely backed-up is a sure-fire way to give yourself one very big headache. Given the fact that some of us are a little lazy when it comes to this task, but all of us have to charge our phones, this innovation makes perfect sense. The aptly named "Data-backup mobile phone charger" automatically performs the task of backing-up your contacts whilst your phone is charging, and not only that, the multi-talented device also acts as a portable power supply in case you run out of juice away from mains power, as well as a SD/MMC card reader.

The device supports many major phone brands including Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry, Samsung and Sony-Ericsson and as a portable charger, it can also be used for PMPs, digital cameras and other portable gadgets.

The Data-backup mobile phone charger is available via Longshow Information Technology at a cost of around USD$30.00.

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