Alex Chinneck, the British artist best known for doing very strange things with buildings, unveiled his latest work in London yesterday. Pick yourself up and pull yourself together features the new Vauxhall Corsa hanging upside down on a curled-up piece of tarmac.

The installation was created on behalf of Vauxhall Motors, to promote the launch of the new Corsa (released as the Opel Corsa in some areas), and is on a smaller scale compared to Chinneck's more notable works, such as the impressive A pound of flesh for 50p project, for example. The car is suspended 4.5 m (15 ft) off the ground on a section of what looks like ripped-up and curled-over tarmac, without any visible support.

"Simple in concept yet structurally, technically and logistically complex, this project looks to deliver an experience that can be appreciated by different people for different reasons," says Chinneck. "While I am most excited by the hidden engineering and complex manipulation of concealed steel, others will simply enjoy the accessible theatricality of the illusion at play."

As per usual with Chinneck's projects, we have little information on how it was carried out, though one can get a hint as to the amount of work involved by the fact that the artist employed a team of structural engineers, steel benders, scenic artists, carpenters, tarmac layers, road painters, and metal workers to create the piece. It was then installed overnight at London’s Southbank Centre car park.

If you want to see it in person you'll have to be quick, as it will only remain in place until February 25.

The timelapse video below shows the installation being put into place overnight.

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