• Opel has launched what it's calling a Sustainable Urban Mobility vehicle that's designed to sit somewhere between an electric scoot and a small passenger car. The Rocks-e has a top speed of just 45 km/h, and a per-charge electric range of 75 km.
  • Small, flexible camper van specialist Crosscamp has revealed a lighter alternative for urban adventurers going from center city to wild campsites. The Crosscamp Lite has a simple floor plan optimized for both everyday to-do lists and camping trips.
  • While some electric powertrains on show at IAA 2019 are found in simple everyday commuters, many of them are in full-blown performance machines.
  • ​Opel's not one for rushing into releasing new models of its popular Corsa family runabout – the 5th gen was announced in 2014, and the gen before that was launched in 2006. For its just-revealed 6th gen, the German auto maker has decided to embrace the battery-electric future with the Corsa-e.​
  • ​Opel has sealed its commitment to electrifying every model in its range by 2024 with a funky concept car signposting its design language for the 2020s. The GT X Experimental is a Level 3 autonomous car with some very cool "visual detox" design touches, including "floating" seats.
  • Opel and Vauxhall are officially part of Peugeot and Citroen Group (Groupe PSA), which acquired the brands from General Motors in a deal worth just over €2.2 billion (US$2.6 billion). The deal was stuck in March this year, but has only just been finalized.
  • Having announced the high-riding Insignia Country Tourer would be headed stateside wearing a Regal TourX badge, the team at Buick has whipped the covers off the range-topping Regal GS. With a punchy six-cylinder engine and torque vectoring, it certainly looks good on paper.
  • Manufacturers are clamoring to create SUVs in every shape and size at the moment, but that doesn't mean wagons can't thrive. The Buick Regal TourX, developed as an Opel, mixes the perks of high-riding SUVs with city-friendly road manners to create a compelling, stylish package.
  • It might be under French control now, but the move from General Motors to Peugeot ownership hasn't slowed the product offensive from Opel. The Crossland X aims to cash in on the massive compact SUV market, with plenty of customisation options and a range of compact, efficient turbocharged engines.
  • Opel has turned the Insignia Grand Sport into a slick four-wheel drive fighter. The Insignia Sports Tourer might be blessed with the same good looks and luxurious interior as the sedan, but there's even more space for kids, pets and luggage down back. Could it convince you to join the wagon club?
  • New Atlas has racked up the miles this year, crossing the globe to cover motor shows, launches and stories in the automotive world. Starting in Detroit, we've seen concept cars putting a new spin on classic luxury and modern sports cars. Here's our pick of the best concept cars launched in 2016.
  • Is it possible for a volume car maker to develop a desirable luxury car? Many have tried over the years, but few have succeeded in convincing brand-sensitive buyers that their latest car is truly a match for the likes of Mercedes. Opel thinks it can buck the trend with its new Insignia Grand Sport.
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