The product lineup from Seattle's PicroBrew has come to offer household beer-brewing devices of all shapes and sizes, and even recently included a venture into drinks of the harder variety. The company is now bringing even more beverages into the fold with the Pico U, a universal brewing appliance that can produce what could be described as healthier options.

The Pico U follows the top-of-the-line Zymatic, the more compact Pico, the cheaper Model C, and the liquor-distilling attachment PicoStill. The new addition to the family features much the same capabilities as its predecessors, in that it too can produce craft beer with a full-size filter and 5-liter stainless steel brew keg.

But with the inclusion of a pour-over basket that can be loaded up with ground coffee, the Pico U can also spit out a piping hot cup of joe. And then, if you attach another smaller filter, the appliance can brew fusion beverages like kombucha, dry soda, chai teas and iced horchatas.

All this variety comes from what the company calls PicoPaks, which are compostable packets containing all the required ingredients for the brew of your choice. The company had already teamed up with hundreds of beer makers to offer PicoPaks for craft beers from around the world, and now it is offering a special range that can be used for ginger lemon kombucha, yerba mate chai tea, and the like.

PicoBrew has turned to Kickstarter to launch each of its previous appliances and found great success, so it sees no reason to stop now. After setting out to raise US$50,000 for production, it has attracted more than $210,000 at the time of writing, with 35 days still to run on the campaign.

A pledge of $189 will put you in line for a deluxe version of the Pico U, which includes the necessary components for brewing both coffee and beverages of the fusion variety. The company plans to start shipping in January 2019 if the campaign runs as planned.

Check out the pitch video below.

Source: PicoBrew

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