For some people, one of the more challenging aspects of painting involves mixing off-the-shelf paint colors together in order to get the exact shades that they want. If you're such a person, then Picolor may be for you.

At the heart of the Picolor system is a cube-shaped machine containing cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white pigments, which can be mixed with one another to produce over a million colors.

Utilizing the other part of the system, an iOS/Android app, users select the precise color they desire from an onscreen display. That information is transmitted via Bluetooth to the machine, which proceeds to mix the pigments together in order to produce ink or paint of that color, dispensing it into a small plastic bottle within a matter of seconds.

The types of ink and paint that can be produced is still being determined.

If Picolor sounds like it's up your alley, you might want to check out its current Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of US$129 will get you a machine, when and if they reach production. The planned retail price is $220.

The system is demonstrated in the video below.