Those wanting something a little different from their footwear now have another option in the form of Pikkpack: a leather shoe that's delivered in flatpack form and requires minor assembly on the part of the purchaser. The shoe's designer, Hungarian Sara Guylas, has turned to Kickstarter in a bid to move her footwear into production.

Drawing inspiration from an old one-piece Hungarian shoe called Bocskor, Guylas originally created the Pikkpack as part of a diploma project during a master's degree in leather design. After admiring glances and positive feedback convinced the designer that her kicks held widespread appeal, a plan was hatched to move them into production.

The Pikkpack shoes are unisex and come in either black or brown, with a generous choice of shoelace color (including reflective laces for cyclists), and sizes. The soles are just 5 mm thick, and also sport an additional heel for comfort.

Each shoe comprises a water buffalo upper and cowhide sole, which are sewed together before delivery in flatpack form within a reusable canvas bag. The buyer is then required to do the rest – which involves threading the shoelaces through the required holes, and thus producing the correct shoe shape, so nothing too taxing. According to the designer, the entire process takes about an hour.

Thanks to the relatively few materials that go into making the shoes and the lack of space-consuming shoeboxes, they boast some degree of green-cred, though this is perhaps negated by the use of leather.

As of writing, those hoping to secure a pair of Pikkpacks can roll the dice and pledge a minimum of US$110, which is good for one pair of shoes and a choice of two different shoelace colors. The expected delivery date is August.

The video below features the usual Kickstarter pitch.

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