Pilot using drone to replace a light bulb won't take no for an answer

Pilot using drone to replace a...
What a bright idea
What a bright idea
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What a bright idea
What a bright idea

These days there are plenty of reasons you might want become proficient at flying a drone. Maybe you want to take breathtaking photos, film extreme sports, protect wildlife, or perhaps, you simply need to change a light bulb?

Sure you could use a ladder, or even grab a chair if you're feeling adventurous, but for a couple of robotics trailblazers the rise of the machines shouldn't leave domestic lighting maintenance by the wayside.

Sven and his pal Marek Baczynski spent whole day trying to trying to replace a light bulb with a modified Eachine E30W quadcopter, but they only accomplished crashing said drone – along with a series of light bulbs. They then switched to a Syma X5C-1 and it brought about almost immediate success.

The duo went through around nine bulbs before the task was complete, but hey, to make an omelette you gotta break a few light bulbs ... or something like that. You can check out the work of these automated-household visionaries in the video below; we dare you not to feel satisfied when things click into place.

Replacing a lightbulb with a drone

Bob Flint
"household visionaries " ... Get a real job guys.....
I feel the need to ask, WHY? What is the point of this experiment?
One word : brilliant
Cynthia Gurin
The need for such a product is there, the market willing to purchase a product that will change a myriad of styles of overhead lightbulbs is there, but somebody's going to have to realize that Grandma's not going to be all that adept at flying drones. No cigar. Back to the drawing board, but definitely keep working on this one.
All for progress but what a waste of time. Yeah I'm really going to get a drone to change a light bulb. I want their funding!
Put a carpet or some towels on the ground while developing this to prevent breakage. And use an active "grabber" so that it can't drop it.