While known predominantly for the flashy cars it dreams up for the likes of Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, Italian design house Pininfarina sure isn't afraid to put its creativity to use in other areas. Bikes, yachts and even tractors are a few other things to receive makeovers from the tinkerers in Turin. Now its dive into urban architecture has returned a curvy apartment building in Brazil, which it bills at its first ever residential tower.

Built by Brazilian construction firm Cyrela, the recently completed tower stands 23 stories tall and covers 2,050 sq m (22,000 ft sq) on Faria Lima Avenue, São Paulo. Inside are 92 apartments ranging from 50 to 100 sq m (540 to 1,080 sq ft) in size, along with common areas and facilities like swimming pools and a gym.

Outside, the building is an exercise in architectural symmetry, with the identical sides gently curving outwards from their centers before tucking around the corners and out of sight. Pininfarina says these curves are meant to create the feeling that the building was sculpted by the wind, while conveying the "movement and dynamism," of a modern metropolis.

"Since we entered into this partnership, we had in mind that Cyrela by Pininfarina should be the closest to the representation that is living in an artwork," says Efraim Horn, co-president of Cyrela. "Therefore, every decision taken in this project was very well thought out, from the selection of raw materials to the leisure options and services."

The tower was inaugurated by Paolo Pininfarina, manager of Pininfarina, on Monday.

Source: Pininfarina

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