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Pioneer’s 2008 KURO plasma displays

Pioneer’s 2008 KURO plasma dis...
The Pioneer PDP-6020FD
The Pioneer PDP-6020FD
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The Pioneer PDP-6020FD
The Pioneer PDP-6020FD

May 12, 2008 If you’ve added Pioneer’s new Blu-Ray Disc players and A/V Receivers to your wish list, the only thing missing is a TV to match. Naturally Pioneer thinks they have just the thing with the new 2008 line of KURO plasma displays featuring black levels five times deeper than the previous award-winning KURO, plus SRS WOW HD technology incorporating SRS Definition and Optimum Mode, which adjusts the picture based on video and room light conditions.

The improved black levels on the new 50-inch PDP-5020FD and 60-inch PDP-6020FD 1080p resolution sets has enabled Pioneer to accurately reproduce deeper colors within the high-definition color spectrum. The KURO sets also employ an automatic adjustment feature called Optimum Mode that simultaneously monitors video and room light conditions then adjusts the picture and sound settings by even the slightest variation to provide an experience specially tailored to each type of programming. For the control freaks among us who prefer the ability to manually adjust their TV’s the 2008 KURO models still have the ability to switch between six finely tuned pre-set modes including: standard, movie, sports, performance, game, dynamic.

Improvements aren’t confined to the picture of the new units - Pioneer has incorporated six unique sound settings associated with each of the KURO video settings – standard, movie, sports, performance, game, dynamic – to ensure a customized listening experience that is specifically in tune with the type of programming on-screen. The televisions also employ an auto volume stabilization feature that further controls the television’s volume level when switching between different types of programming to ensure each experience remains true and distinct from one another.

The SRS WOW HD technology included in the new KURO models incorporates SRS Definition, a high frequency enhancement that provides finer control and adjustment to manage low, mid and high audio frequencies. The result adds to the virtual surround sound effect and produces clearer, more precise audio in mid to high frequency levels.

The 2008 KURO televisions are now only 3.7 Inches thick (reduced by nearly 20 percent), include a new remote control and redesigned high definition graphic user interface for ease-of-use and seamless integration with other A/V equipment, and feature Pioneer’s Networked Home Media Gallery which allows playback of digital assets such as HD movies, music and photos from a PC or via USB The TV’s are also DLNA and Windows PlaysForSure compatible.

The 50-inch PDP-5020FD and 60-inch PDP-6020FD should be available in June for an estimated USD$4,000 and $5,000 respectively.

For further info visit Pioneer.

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