Have you ever wondered how many people walk past your shop? Or drive past your adverts? A new device is aimed at giving people that information, which might otherwise remain inaccessible. The Placemeter Sensor sticks to the inside of a window and counts people, vehicles, bicycles and more.

Placemeter calls its sensor an "urban measurement tool" and says it can reveal hidden patterns and opportunities in the movement around towns and cities. The device itself is a discrete 2.25 x 5.5 x 0.75-in (57 x 140 x 19-mm) unit, and requires only power and Wi-Fi to begin measuring.

The unit contains an optic sensor that captures video with a 54 x 41-degree angle-of-view and a field-of-view of 6.5 x 4.26 ft at 6.56 ft (2.0 x 1.33 m at 2 m). It is powered by microUSB, and setting up the device is said to take less than five minutes.

The sensor is designed to fit just inside a window frame, ideally only as high as the second floor. Placemeter says it can be deployed higher up if measuring larger objects. A mirrored face means the device is barely visible to people looking in from the outside.

Once connected to power and Wi-Fi, the sensor starts capturing a video feed and analyzing it locally. Once the video has been analyzed, it is discarded and the processed data only is sent to the Placemeter cloud platform. The data can be sent in real time via a local Wi-Fi network or via an EDGE connection.

Using the Placemeter Dashboard, it is possible to tailor the measurement process as required. The images received as part of the data can be rotated, and users can set measurement points as to where to measure pedestrian, vehicle or bicycle activity.

The Pacemeter Sensor is available to order now. It can be trialled free for 90 days, after which users must pay US$90 if they wish to keep it.

The video below provides an introduction to the device.

Source: Placemeter

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