Allcam has crammed a lot of technology into a very small space to create the CP1 - a handheld computer/pico projector that runs Windows CE and is designed for the business professional who conducts presentations on-the-fly. It's got a built-in mouse-pad, but it also has mini-USB connector for keyboard and mouse (or any other USB device). There's also it a speaker, around four hours of battery life and it weighs just under 1kg (2.2lbs).

But it's not just for the business sector - the device is suited to showing off your photos or YouTube-quality video to your family and friends.

The manufacturers say there’s no need to worry about trying for find an available power socket or running cables between a projector and your laptop, it’s easy to set up on a boardroom table or any horizontal surface. Insert your SD Card, point the unit at a blank wall and instantly show off that “amazing” PowerPoint presentation you hastily constructed on the flight over to your important meeting. Just hope that there aren’t any typos in your show because the CP1 will project images up to 60 inches.

Navigation on the CP1 is via a touchpad similar to laptops but it also has the capabilities of connecting an external keyboard or mouse via a mini USB.

The Allcam CP1 Handheld Computer/Pico Projector 2-in-1 plays audio/video/photo files supported by standard Windows Media Player.

There’s also an optional WiFi adapter for web surfing, Skype, etc.

The integrated pico projector uses white LED lightsource for its 10 lumens of brightness and measures 138.5 x 58.5 x 25 (5.33 x 2.3 x 0.99 inches).

WinCE powered pocket PC runs/plays all Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word, Excel files and it is powered by a Samsung ARM 9 Core 2442/400MHz CPU. Maximum image size of 60 inches is gained at a distance of 200cm (78 inches) at 640 x 480 pixels (VGA) resolution.

Onboard memory is 128MB (SDRAM) and the device has 64MB Nand flash storage.

The rechargeable Li-ion battery (1500mA) powers the unit for approximately four hours.

The CP1 is currently available from Amazon in the UK for £192.98 (around US$350).

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