Tablet games where you put an actual toy on top of the screen are nothing new, but what we haven't seen are toys that look like they're interacting with the game. Ptah Tech is a company that has launched a brand-new Kickstarter campaign for a game that will do just that – and the results look surprisingly fun.

The Pocket Racing game itself isn't revolutionary – it's an endless racer where you have to dodge oncoming obstacles or shoot things at them to blow them up.

Where the game really sets itself apart is in the small toy car that you place on the center of your tablet's screen. As the game screen streams past the car, it gives the illusion that the car is actually moving along the roadway. Then, when an obstacle is hit, the car actually jiggles on the tablet. Get into a bad enough wreck and the car loses its lid, creating the on-screen explosion in real life.

To create its effect, the car is equipped with three pistons that cause it to jigger and jump on the screen. It also has a built-in light sensor to monitor its position on the screen and a circuit board that conveys on-screen action to the car without any lag. There are also lights that allow the car's headlights to operate, and that change color as its speed changes. Small suction cups on the bottom of the car hold it to the screen so you can play the game even when holding your tablet at an angle. Interchangeable shells let you customize the car to your liking.

There is a limited-release iOS beta version of the game available now and an Android version is currently being developed.

The campaign just kicked off today, so there are still plenty of early bird rewards left, which allows you to get a car base, shell, the app and game coin worth 5,000 points for US$29. When those are gone, the price climbs to $39.

Cars are expected to ship in August of this year if the campaign reaches its goal of $38,680, but always keep in mind that not all crowdfunding campaigns pan out the way they're supposed to.

The game can be seen in action, in the video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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