Polaroid/Instagram-inspired Socialmatic camera to hit stores next year

Polaroid/Instagram-inspired So...
A design concept of two models of the Socialmatic camera
A design concept of two models of the Socialmatic camera
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A design concept of two models of the Socialmatic camera
A design concept of two models of the Socialmatic camera

Last May, we heard about a concept camera known as the Socialmatic, which was envisioned as being a Polaroid-style camera that would produce physical prints of Instagram-treated snapshots. Although no more than an idea at the time, it now looks like the Socialmatic should be available to consumers as of next year.

The camera was originally designed by Italy’s ADR Studio, and to quote the company, the project “started like a joke, imitating the Instagram icon.” ADR has since joined forces with Shishakin Consulting, however, to create the Socialmatic company. That company recently obtained the rights to produce the Polaroid-branded camera commercially, with plans for a launch in the first quarter of 2014.

The design and specs for the production version of the Socialmatic are still being worked out. The concept, however, called for an Android-powered camera that could make its own Instagram prints using an internal printer loaded with refillable paper sheets and a four-color ink cartridge – digital versions of those photos could also be instantly uploaded and shared online, directly from the Wi-Fi-equipped camera.

Thanks to an adhesive strip on the back, the prints could be stuck to things such as sign posts. Passersby who wished to follow the photographer online could then do so by scanning a QR code printed on a bar along the top of the print, along with the photographer’s username.

According to Socialmatic, the camera will be available in four models, offering 16 or 32GB capacities, and Wi-Fi-only or Wi-Fi/3G connectivity. The estimated price has yet to be announced.

More information is available in the video below.

Source: ADR Studio, Socialmatic

Gregg Eshelman
Stick your QR code on lamp posts so the local government knows where to send the fine for littering.
Tom Phoghat Sobieski
Polaroid? i thought Polaroid was out of business.
That thing already looks out of date...