Police evaluate Chrysler 300C

Police evaluate Chrysler 300C
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September 28, 2006 We like to keep people up-to-date on the various exotica being deployed by the police forces of the globe to catch villains, and over the years we’ve had some rippers, such as the Honda NSX Police Car, the Lamborghini Gallardo Police car and this 700 bhp Hummer H2 police special. Now Australia’s Victoria Police have boosted their vehicle fleet and injected some ‘cool’ with the addition of a Chrysler 300C and it must be said that the brutish snout of the beastie comes up well in police livery. What sets this story apart from the other stories is the look of delight on the face of Senior Constable Ruth Scott as she accepts the keys of the 425 bhp midnight blue 300C from Chrysler Group MD, Gerry Jenkins. There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that Ruth was last seen in the 300C somewhere near Darwin with her head out the window singing “yeeehaaaw!”

Mr Guy Hungerford of Victoria Police Fleet Division said the 300C is proving extremely popular with the public.

“There has been a positive reaction to this car, with its good looks and striking presence it turns a lot of heads and has some serious street cred.

"When people see the 300C they just want to take a closer look and talk about it which helps to encourage positive interaction,” he said.

The fitting midnight blue 300C with its flashing lights and chequered decals is fully operational and will be used throughout Victoria in general police duties.

“We are also using the 300C at police open days and high profile events like the 2006 GMC Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix at Phillip Island,” said Hungerford.

“Victoria Police have trialled many vehicles in the past yet none have attracted the attention and interest of the 300C. Using this fantastic car is proving to be an enormous success,” he said.

View gallery - 3 images
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