Spanish designer Jorge Penadés believes that our idea of what makes a piece of furniture a luxury item has now changed. In a press release, he explains how luxury is "not anymore a matter of comfort." Instead it's being able to "decide where you want to have a moment of peace, a chance to escape from hectic activity of contemporary lifestyles." This philosophy is in plain view with his Nomadic Chair, which sees comfort reduced to a minimum to increase its portability.

The Nomadic Chair is made from solid ash with joints made of powder-coated steel. According to the designer, these connections are inspired by traditional wooden joinery, and mean the whole thing can be assembled and disassembled in under two minutes using "small gestures," and with no screws, nails, or glue needed.

When assembled, Nomadic Chair can easily support a person weighing 100 kg (220 lb). When disassembled, it can be packed up and carried as a backpack with the aid of leather and ratchets.

Each self-produced, hand-crafted Nomadic Chair costs €944 (US$1,270). Penadés hopes to use the same principles involved in the Nomadic Chair to create a whole collection of furniture pieces which are "itinerant objects rather than static [objects]."

While there are much cheaper, more practical alternatives to this, the Nomadic Chair could provide a little luxury for those who want something more stylish to sit on in the sun than a deckchair or walking stick seat. The video below shows the Nomadic Chair being assembled and used.

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