Portable Photo Lab - photos anywhere and any time direct from digital cameras and mobile phones

Portable Photo Lab - photos anywhere and any time direct from digital cameras and mobile phones
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July 19, 2005 Despite all the instantaneous advantages of digital photography, there are times when you just want a photo. Now you can have it anywhere and any time with the release from Canon of a fully-portable, high quality photo printer. Owners of any PictBridge-enabled digital still, digital video or digital SLR camera can print photos by plugging their camera into the new printer. For camera phone users, compatible phones can direct print via infrared transmission (IrDA), with no need for cables and no computer required. The new SELPHY CP600 printer delivers brilliant postcard prints in around 60 seconds and runs on a battery pack, enabling a truly portable photo lab.

Canon has incorporated its DiG!C II image processing technology into the SELPHY CP600. DiG!C provides outstanding picture quality and high-speed image processing enabling users to achieve postcard-size photos in around 60 seconds.

The SELPHY CP600 is also smart enough to improve image quality using an intelligent, automatic dynamic range correction. This technology analyses the subject of each image and corrects pictures that are too bright or too dark.

Users will also enjoy keeping their photos around for a lifetime - up to 100 years. The SELPHY CP600 uses a four-layer print process that includes a durable, clear UV protective coating to prevent fading and colour change.

In addition to beautiful postcard-size photos the printer also supports four print sizes from credit card-size photos and stickers, which are ideal for camera phone prints, up to a wide 200x100mm size that's perfect for sharing panoramic landscapes or family portraits.

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