About this time last year, California's Positive Grid released some nifty software for Mac, PC and iOS that allowed tone wizards to dive into virtual circuits to create custom fuzz, overdrive and distortion pedals. It could also match tones from physical pedals, meaning players could carry all of their stomps on a tablet or computer. Though useful for studio work, having to recall presets and activate onscreen icons while on stage can be problematic. The company has therefore announced the BIAS Distortion floor unit with tone match capabilities that brings your digitized tone creations into the real world.

The BIAS Distortion pedal will come pre-loaded with 10 crunch tones, but for those who want to move beyond the confines of supplied sounds, virtual pedals can be designed in the BIAS Pedal software running on a computer or iOS device and then transferred to the floor unit as a user preset. A total of 20 presets can be stored at any one time.

Sonic creations of other users can be downloaded from the ToneCloud online portal and installed in the pedal's memory, or a guitarist's own crunch arsenal can be shared with the BIAS community.

And if you want to have all of your favorite fuzz boxes ready for action in one pedal, Positive Grid's Tone Match technology will analyze the sound of any physical pedal and model it, with the company promising precision accuracy. Of course, some vintage distortion pedals can be wild animals when it comes to unwanted noise, so once the system has matched the tone, players could go under the virtual hood and clean up the circuits before transferring to the BIAS floor unit.

The unit benefits from a road-ready metal framework, four footswitches for preset selection and six knobs for on-pedal adjustment of the selected sound (including wet/dry mix, EQ controls and gain level). It accommodates mono or stereo instrument input and mono/stereo out. There's a USB port for connection to a desktop computer, Bluetooth for pairing with an iPad and MIDI in and out.

Pre-order for the BIAS Distortion pedal and bundled software opens on October 20, pricing has yet to be announced. The video below offers an overview of the new unit.

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