Postcard on the Run uses your smartphone to make and send physical postcards

Postcard on the Run uses your ...
Views of the front and back of a Postcard on the Run
Views of the front and back of a Postcard on the Run
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Views of the front and back of a Postcard on the Run
Views of the front and back of a Postcard on the Run

As technology progresses, we're seeing more and more tangible objects being replaced by digital alternatives. Letters have given way to e-mails, paperbacks have become e-books, and postcards have become trip photos on Facebook. The fact is, though, people still like getting stuff. Postcard on the Run builds on that idea, allowing users to create and mail their own custom physical postcards, from anywhere.

Here's how it works ...

Users snap a photo while on holiday (or at home, for that matter), then use the Postcard on the Run app to digitally transform that photo into postcard format. The actual postcard itself is printed at the company's facility, then snail-mailed to the recipient's address. If the sender doesn't know that person's address, they may be able to find it using the app's built-in Postal Gopher feature.

Along with the photo on the front, the postcards also include a printed personal message on the back. Users can additionally add a signature, a mini map showing where the photo was taken, or a QR code that directs the recipient to a posted video when scanned. There's even an option of adding one of 11 scratch-n-sniff patches, that include choices such as Suntan Lotion, Ocean Breeze and Baby Powder.

The app itself itself is free (in iOS, Android and Windows versions), with printing and postage paid via the user's credit card – as an example of the higher end of the costs, a card sent from the US to another country will set you back US$2.89.

Source: Postcard on the Run via Shark Tank

I used to use this a lot when it was 99 cents to send a card. They have recently raised rates significantly, so switched to a competitor. Worked OK, although their emails where annoying.
Derek Howe
I saw this on "Shark Tank"...They didn't get any money from the sharks.
The postmarks won't be right.
To get the post mark right (showing where the person mailed it from), they could create kiosks that one could go to and create the post card using ones phone and ones account number and the app. One could write ones own message or have it printed with the post card. It would be like the photo booth but being used to print personalized post cards.
I think the price is reasonable since it is creating a personalized post card.
I think this is a cool idea. It would be neat to give it a try.
Anyone care to guess how it takes for some spouse,boyfriend,girlfriend,angry soon-to-be Ex, employee, etc., etc., to misuse this feature?
Ronald Santos
Yes, smartphone has been so useful for us specially the use of built-in camera which give us portability and handy device which capture good moments even without the standard digital camera. Thanks to this age of technology that we have these type of device that helps us make life so easy.