It's definitely one of life's little annoyances – devices with big adapters built into their power plugs, that block multiple outlets on your power bar. Allocacoc's PowerCube is an alternative to those bars, that can reportedly accommodate up to five of those big plugs at once.

The PowerCube is a cube (not surprisingly) that has outlets on five of its sides, with its own plug on the sixth side. This means that when a big ol' block of an adapter is plugged into one of those outlets, it won't be overlapping onto any of the neighboring outlets as it would on a power bar.

Along with the Original model, buyers can also get cubes with built-in power cords, USB power ports, interchangeable types of outlets (for travelers), and adhesive-backed docks that allow the corded cubes to be mounted to surfaces such as the underside of desks or tables. Additionally, multiple cubes can be stacked and joined to one another.

Pricing starts at US$12.95 for the PowerCube Original.

Source: PowerCube

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