June 4, 2009 PowerFlare’s PF-200 electronic LED safety light is not your average roadside flare. Invented by Ken Dueker, a former police officer and PowerFlare’s CEO, the PowerFlare PF-200 replaces chemical flares with a reusable, non-combusting alternative. Each PF-200 features a 360-degree LED array protected by a ruggedized plastic housing that can withstand the weight of a fire truck.

The PowerFlare PF-200 is designed to be used by police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), rescue first responders and military personnel. PowerFlares can be used anywhere you would use traditional flares and in many places you cannot use them. Unlike incendiary flares, PowerFlares can’t accidentally cause a fire and do not create residue or smoke.

They can be safely used indoors, in combustible areas, or in other Hazmat situations, without causing a fire danger or contaminating the air and water. PowerFlares are water-resistant and can even be used for scuba diving.

PowerFlare uses include:

The PF-200 features steady-on operation as well as a choice of 10 flashing patterns (including Morse code SOS).

PowerFlares are available in a variety of colors. The shells come in yellow, orange, blue or olive. The LEDs are offered in amber, blue, green, red or white. A version of the PowerFlare is also available with infrared (IR) LEDs for use with night-vision equipment.

PowerFlares are reusable and have a battery life of up to 100 hours. The PF-200 has a replaceable CR123 battery or you can choose the rechargeable model (PF-200R). The PF-200R 6-Pack Rechargeable System even comes with a recharging case that can be plugged into a vehicle 12V power outlet or wall power point.

PowerFlares are available directly from the manufacturer. Prices start from USD$50, depending on LED color. Cases and accessories are also available.

For more information, visit www.powerflare.com.

Alan Brandon

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