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POWRAMID: a new shape in surge protectors

POWRAMID: a new shape in surge...
Kreative Power POWRAMID E-Series
Kreative Power POWRAMID E-Series
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Kreative Power POWRAMID E-Series
Kreative Power POWRAMID E-Series

July 9, 2008 This conical-shaped power strip from Kreative Power not only protects your electronics from power surges, but also stops your cords from getting into a tangled mess. Unlike conventional power strips and bulky circular multi- outlet designs, POWRAMID is a space-saving device with six widely-spaced outlets that can accommodate large-size plugs.

The POWRAMID E-Series features a number of models all with stable bases, safety switch covers, ergonomic hold-down knobs and centralized on/off switches. The E-900H model comes with an 8ft power cord with right-angle low-profile plug, a transparent safety switch cover, an illuminating round on/off switch, a re-settable 15A circuit breaker, and a surge protection LED indicator. The device supports 900 Joules of surge protection and measures only 5inches in diameter. The compact size means it can fit into tight spaces under desks or on top of tables, and is also very portable.

Aside from the functionality, the conical shape adds a dimension of aesthetic appeal to the device. The POWRAMID E-900H is available for purchase now in either white or black for a recommended retail price of $28.99.

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Self Protective and very useful. Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India