Concussions are a common sports injury with the potential to cause long-term brain damage, especially if left untreated. Unfortunately, they often go undetected due to the inherently subjective methods for reporting and evaluating head injuries. Prevent Biometrics is aiming to change that with its sensor-equipped mouthguard, which is designed to detect head impacts in real-time and issue an immediate alert when a concussion assessment is in order.

In a similar way to the FITGuard from 2014, if the wearer of the Prevent device receives an impact that is above the preset safety threshold, a red LED lights up on the front of the mouthguard. A notification is automatically sent through its companion app to the coach and/or parents of the player, who can then remove them from play and evaluate them for signs of a serious head injury.

The app includes a walkthrough of concussion assessment methods, so even non-medical professionals are better equipped to evaluate the situation. In the event an athlete needs medical attention, the app also captures important details like the direction of the blow and amount of force delivered. This information helps medical professionals determine the extent of the injury and proper treatment.

The Prevent mouthguard has been shown to detect potential concussion-causing impact within +/- 5-percent accuracy and is designed for athletes aged 11 years and older.

It is currently in beta testing, though it is expected to reach limited markets later this year with a full US consumer release in 2018. The product will start at US$199 and will be available in both "bite and boil" and custom molded variants, which protect teeth to the same standard as their non-monitoring counterparts.

According to representatives at CES 2017, Prevent Biometrics is still seeking potential beta testers. Interested parties should contact the company through its website.

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