The pioneering Toyota Prius holds the honor of being the best-selling hybrid vehicle of all time, and as such has pretty much become the poster child for green automobiles. Its low emissions and high fuel economy put it on a lot of car shoppers’ “maybe” lists, but there’s one thing that might cause some people to pass it up – its rather uninspiring appearance. To show just what a hip, happening car a Prius can be, the pimped-out Prius C&A Custom Concept vehicle is currently making its North American debut at the 2010 SEMA auto show in Las Vegas.

The C&A was put together by the Conversions and Accessories group at Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan “to demonstrate the unlimited potential for sports car modification on the world’s best-selling hybrid vehicle.” There’s no doubt that some people in the Tuner crowd will like it, while others might liken it to those times when a normally-conservative TV starlet does a racy photo spread for a lads’ magazine – definitely eye-catching, but a little on the tacky side.

Here are its specs, in case you want to create your own!


  • Carbon fiber hood, roof, back door, rear spoiler, aero side skirt with vertical spoiler, rear bumper with vertical spoiler front bumper, front fender flares, rear garinsh
  • 18-inch forged wheel with aluminum-made aero ring
  • Goodyear Eagle Revspec RS-02-215/40R18 tires
  • Styled exhaust tip
  • Lighted front and rear Toyota badging
  • Door mirror CCD camera system
  • Smoked rear combination lamp
  • Translucent rear side spoiler on rear combination lamp
  • Mystic Lavender body color
    • Alcantara (simulated suede) steering wheel
    • Aluminum shift knob with Alcantara suede
    • Instrument panel gauge supplement includes “G” meter, output meter, mileage, water thermometer, and voltmeter
    • Black interior with Alcantara suede trim on ceiling, “A” and “B” pillar, door trim, rear seat, and console box
    • Driver and passenger RECARO seats with embroidered C&A logo
    • DENSO navigation system with ECO display functions including motor, engine and total kilowatt output, steering angle (0 to +450 degrees), speed, accelerator open angle, mileage
    • TEIN lowered sport suspension (four inches in front; six inches in rear)

    Also on show at SEMA is Toyota’s Sienna Swagger Wagon Supreme, a stretched and super-customized Sienna minivan. The automaker teamed up with car customizer B.A.D. Company to “create a functional family vehicle that firmly dismisses the notion that to drive a minivan is to sacrifice personal style in favor of family functionality.”

    It’s certainly... something. You can view its full specs here, but one feature in particular stands out – the seats have reversible cushions, with bright, kid-friendly upholstery on one side, and single-color leather on the other. In other words, it’s ideal both for soccer moms, or for “urban entrepreneurs.”

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