Flxbl Design Consultancy made extensive use of rough-finished concrete with this luxury home in Ahmedabad, India. Named Private Residence No. 7, it's designed to take some of the sting out of the tropical summer heat with a louvered facade and carefully arranged interior layout that opens up to the outside.

Private Residence No. 7 was commissioned for a family of four and measures 8,500 sq ft (789 sq m). The recently-completed home is nestled among a landscaped garden in a bustling city area.

Its ground floor includes a living room that opens up to the garden with large sliding glass doors, as does the kitchen, dining room, and gym. The upstairs hosts the master bedroom, as well as another bedroom, a rooftop garden, and an entertainment room, all arranged around a central courtyard.

Large wooden louvers are installed in the facade of the upper floor and can be manually manipulated to block out the sun or allow the prevailing breeze to permeate within. There's no suggestion from the architects that the home is purely passively cooled though, like the similar Binh House, so we'd assume that air-con is installed too.

"The building responds to the local climate which is typically hot for a major part of the year while it brings in plenty of natural light and ventilation in every room," explains Flxbl Design Consultancy. "The openings are oriented to pull in more light from the north and east facades and to significantly reduce heat gain from the south and west.

"The interior voids, facade openings, roof top courtyard, elevated garden and extended walls work together with light, shadow and the landscape to create a powerful influence of nature while keeping the identity of that of the monolith intact."

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