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ICD-1300 projector
ICD-1300 projector
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ICD-1300 projector
ICD-1300 projector

October 11, 2007 Project-a-Phone has launched the ICD-1300, an image capture and display system which allows users to screen a live display of their mobile device onto a computer via a USB cable, where content can then be recorded, projected on a screen, or uploaded to the Internet.

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly smarter, smaller and better at capturing images, but the process of migrating this information can still be very cumbersome. The Project-a-Phone ICD-1300, seeks to simplify this process and is particularly targeted at professionals involved in sales, marketing, training and application development, as well as at law enforcement officers who need to exhibit evidence found on handheld devices that may not necessarily be within the scope of the image capture functionality of a device (e.g. SMS messages) and is therefore not easily transferable.

Project-a-Phone hardware securely clamps the phone in place and delivers a live video feed of the screen image to a PC through a USB cable. The Windows software displays live video, lets you record video and audio, takes still images individually or in a programmed sequence, and can display multiple screens simultaneously.

The US$295 ICD-1300 is cheaper than Project-a-Phone’s previous model, the ICD-5000, and is the first Project-a-Phone product to be Mac compatible. The ICD-1300 is compatible with almost all mobile phones, including iPhone and Blackberry models. The ICD-1300 package includes software and a carrying case. ICD-1300 specifications: * Displays or records up to 30 fps at VGA* 1.3 mega-pixel sensor* USB-powered* Under two pounds* Fits in a 10"x9"x2" carrying case* Software runs on Windows® 2000/XP/ME/Vista* Hardware compatible with Mac O/S* Requires one USB 2.0 port per device

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