ProNav GPS software for heavy goods vehicles

ProNav GPS software for heavy ...
ProNav GPS software for heavy vehicles
ProNav GPS software for heavy vehicles
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ProNav GPS software for heavy vehicles
ProNav GPS software for heavy vehicles
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June 17, 2008 Navevo has developed GPS software for heavy goods vehicles that keeps drivers informed about the unique obstacles they face on the road. The £199.99 ProNav system offers dynamic routing and navigation optimization based on vehicle dimensions, legal restrictions, and weather and road conditions. The software currently includes street level mapping for the UK and the Republic of Ireland, and versions are being developed for Europe and the US.

After drivers enter the characteristics of their vehicle, including weight, height, length, width, and cargo, the software automatically provides them with a suitable route. ProNav eliminates narrow roads, crossing bridges with weight restrictions, and areas that restrict the passage of certain goods, from consideration. These obstacles, and other information like unloading and parking penalty data, petrol stations, and cheap cafes, are displayed as icons on the map. In addition to heavy goods vehicles, the software could be used in vans, horse transporters, caravans or trailers, and is being explored for use in vehicle fleets.

The ProNav software includes a free trial of the safety camera alert system, which warns drivers if they are approaching a safety camera above the speed limit.

“We have developed ProNav to ensure its advanced capability and ability to overcome many of the problems professional drivers face when using traditional sat-nav systems,” says David Guiver, Navevo’s Business Development Director. “We have chosen to exclusively partner with electronics expert Maplin for the launch of ProNav and are extremely pleased to be the first to offer this innovative solution.”

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