Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Guitars has announced a limited run of its CE24 and S2 Vela semi-hollow six-string electrics. The exotic woods used for both guitars are native to Brazil's Atlantic Forest, but the company hasn't chopped down any ancient trees to make its new axes. Instead, the wood was reclaimed from old buildings.

Reported to be typically around 100 years old, Peroba Rosa was originally used as siding and chosen by PRS for the top wood of its "Reclaimed Limited" series. The company says that the wood adds a bit of punch to the warm, full sound of the CE24 Semi-Hollow and S2 Vela Semi-hollow guitars. To add a touch of unique character to each guitar, any holes or signs of wear have been left as is.

Of similar age, possibly older, PRS says that Brauna Preto was typically used for supporting posts, and has made the most of its light grain and superior sustain qualities for the fretboard of the short run instruments.

The back of the CE24's body is natural finish mahogany, while the 24-fret, 25-inch scale neck is maple. The humbucking pickups are both PRS 85/15 flavors, it has a tremolo bridge, nickel hardware and "old school" birds inlays on the fretboard.

The S2 Vela also has a mahogany back, but features a 22-fret, 25-inch scale mahogany neck. There's a Starla humbucking pickup at the bridge and a Type-D single coil pickup at the neck.

PRS is capping production of the Reclaimed Limited series to 600 instruments, and they'll only be available until April 30. The CE24 commands a ticket price of US$1,599, while S2 Vela comes in at $1,249.

The video below sees the company's Senior Wood Manager Michael Reid talking about the Reclaimed Limited series with Paul Reed Smith.

Source: PRS Guitars

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