There are numerous dawn simulation wake up solutions currently on the market, but Pure is claiming a first with its dawn simulator and digital radio combination. Twilight uses half a dozen bright LED lights to help combat the nasty effects of seasonal affective disorder by mimicking a gentle sunrise before an alarm kicks in to make sure you get out of bed. The device can also help create different soothing moods using sound and light and see youngsters off to sleep with a selection of lullabies.

What better way to wake from a sound sleep than with a gentle sunrise – even during the darkest of morning hours? The Pure Twilight bedside radio with mood light has four independent alarms to wake up to – digital or FM radio, an alarm tone or a selection of sounds like church bells or wind chimes. Whatever tones you choose to get you out of bed, Twilight can set off a dawn simulation – where light is gradually increased to mimic the rising of the sun, no matter how dark it is outside – ahead of the alarm tone to make the experience less of a shock to the system.

At the other end of the day, Twilight can act as a reading light before helping users to drift off to sleep in the company of natural sounds and mood lighting. The light dome is touch-sensitive for switching the lamp on/off or to dim the brightness. Children will no doubt find the selection of lullabies and an adjustable nightlight a useful snooze aid.

The use of LED lighting lends some eco-friendly energy efficiency too, it consumes less than 1 W in standby and just 5.4 W when the lamp is on.

The device features 30 station presets and 2.5-inch full range stereo speakers with output rated at 5 W rms. If you're not in the mood for radio, an auxiliary input features for feeding in tunes from a media player and there's a USB charging port to top up mobile devices while you sleep.

The Twilight Bedside Digital and FM Radio with Mood and Wake-up Light is available now for GBP129 (around US$200 at time of publication).

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