There's no shortage of phone cases with a built-in battery. A new one needs to do something interesting to stand out. In some cases this is done with a more powerful battery, or a smaller form factor, but in the case of the PWR Case, the new feature is a different method of keeping the case itself charged.

Instead of plugging in a USB cord, foldable prongs are built into the case. This means users can simply fold them out and plug the case into any outlet. This gets rid of the need for cords.

Of course, the device will still let users charge with a USB cable if the need arises. In most cases, it seems logical that users would just jack into the case to charge up their phone, but it's nice to have options, and the team at Prong have definitely addressed that.

Another interesting feature, and one you don't often see on battery backup cases, is that the battery portion of the case is removable. This means that users who need to keep their phone thin for one reason or another can still use this case, since the battery can be added just when the extra juice is actually needed.

Some other notable features include the capacity of the battery, which is 2,300 mAh. That's enough for a full charge on an iPhone. There's also an LED charge indicator so users will know how much life remains in the battery. The creators also promise enhanced sound, as the design of the case is said to push the sound forward.

As of this writing, the device is only available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 5/5S. The team has said that it isn't making devices for iPhone 6+ and Android devices, though it's not out of the question in the future.

Prong is seeking funding on Indiegogo. This isn't its first foray into crowdfunding, as its previous device, the PocketPlug, which is similar to the PWR Case but without the battery, had a successful run on Kickstarter. In this case, the team is seeking US$$50,000, and it's almost to its goal with over a month left in the funding period. Backers who would like to receive a case for June 2015 delivery will need to pledge at least $60 while the early special lasts. From there, the price jumps to $70.

The pitch video below provides more information on the PWR Case.

Sources: Prong, Indiegogo

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