When communicating via the typed word, sometimes a text or regular instant message just won’t do the trick. Here to take personal communication to a quirky new level is the iXP3 Instant Messaging Clock, which, through a simple Internet connection, changes from a mild-mannered clock to a personal messaging device that projects messages in the air.

Once the unit is connected to the Internet, the user can receive and send personal messages via the product website or email which are then displayed in bright red LED letters above the clock through “persistence of vision”. Up to 50 messages can be stored to read back at a later date and, if the recipient happens to be in the land of nod when a message comes through, it will be displayed for them to wake up to.

When not in message mode, the clock performs the humble tasks of displaying the time and temperature. The iXP3 Instant Messaging Clock will retail for around USD$120 and be available next month from the Innovatoys website.