Pyle Audio is looking to update the ghetto blaster for the wireless age with its Street Blaster. Ditching the rectangular boombox styling of the '80s, the unit adopts a cylindrical form factor that makes it look like something Geordi La Forge pulled out of the USS Enterprise's warp core.

Packing 1,000 Watts of power in a rugged package weighing 21.7 lb (9.8 kg) and measuring 24.5 x 10 x 10 in (62 x 25 x 25 cm), the stereo Street Blaster is certainly in keeping with the boomboxes of old in terms of size and weight, but features the wireless capabilities we've come to expect from speakers in the 21st Century.

In addition to the a 3.5 input for connecting a music playback device via a cable, the unit also features Bluetooth wireless connectivity for streaming music from Bluetooth-enabled devices, including iOS and Android devices as well as PCs. The unit also features Near Field Communication (NFC) for easy pairing of NFC-enabled Android devices.

Pyle has also given the Street Blaster AUX, microphone and guitar inputs with users able to adjust treble, bass, echo, volume, microphone and guitar levels to achieve their preferred sound. A built-in digital amplifier pumps up the jam, while LEDs that strobe and flash in time with the music provide some visual accompaniment.

Instead of relying on a bag full of D batteries when away from mains power, the Street Blaster is powered by a rechargeable battery that is claimed to be good for four hours of play time. Battery indicators will let you know when the charge is getting down, while a USB port also allows mobile devices to be recharged from the unit.

The Street Blaster is available now for US$249.

Source: Pyle Audio

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