It may not hold a candle to its forbears in Egypt, but the Pyramid House, by VOID Architecture, does boast some additions that even the most powerful pharaoh couldn't dream of. The home is topped by a glazed conservatory that offers excellent views of the landscape, while internet-connected systems provide remote control of heating and lighting.

The Pyramid House has a total floorspace of 125 sq m (1,345 sq ft), spread over three floors. The idea for its unusual shape came about when the owner requested a unique home that would make the most out of their plot of land, which is situated between a forest and lake in Finland.

It comprises a prefabricated timber frame and is clad in spruce planks. Inside, the decor is simple and clean, with plain wood throughout. The home includes a kitchen, two bedrooms, a sauna, and two bathrooms. The living room is double-height and its glazed wall faces the lake, while a terraced area surrounds the perimeter to offer a flexible outdoor space.

The most notable area, though, is a glazed observatory on the uppermost floor, which the firm says offers 360 degree views and allows lots of natural light inside.

"The main feature of the house is the fully glazed observatory at the top of the building," explains the firm. "From here, elevated and unobstructed views of the beautiful surroundings can be enjoyed. This space is conceived to appreciate the peace and quiet offered by the views, but also as a mountain top from where to dominate the internal spaces of the house as a whole."

In addition to a stone-lined wood burner, the Pyramid House has underfloor heating joined to an efficient ground-source heat system. The lighting and heating systems are also automated and connected to the internet, ensuring the home is kept warm and allowing the owners to control it from afar (most likely with an iOS or Android app, though we've no word on the exact tech used).

The Pyramid House began construction in 2015 and was just completed recently.

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