Finland's Q Yachts has revealed that the first Q30 electric day cruiser has been sold to Finnish rapper Jare Tiihonen and former poker professional Jens Kyllönnen, who found the relatively young company over the internet. A short video has been released to celebrate, showing the new owners taking the luxury tender for a spin.

First revealed in October 2017, the Q30 has an overall length of 9.3 meters (30 ft) and is 2.2 m (7.2 ft) at its widest. The hull shapes up as a vinyl ester and glass fiber outer skin protecting a foam core, and the same material is used for the non-skid deck. There's reclined seating for two to the stern, face-to-face dining opportunities for four just behind the teak-trimmed, two-seater cockpit and a luxury cabin below that includes an Isotherm Cruise refrigerator.

Rather than build an electric speedboat that can only go flat out for a few minutes at a time, Q Yachts has opted for a combination of an Oceanvolt AXC20 motor, a 30 kWh battery pack and a four bladed high-skew 15x16-in propeller to give the Q30 a cruising speed of 9 knots for up to 80 nautical miles. The day cruiser can be ramped up to 15 knots when you need to get where you're going that bit quicker, but battery range gets sliced in half so it pays to take it easy.

The Q30 can accommodate up to eight passengers, with the cabin featuring a compact electric toilet and sink with mixer tap. There's hydraulic steering and control/navigation is undertaken using an iPad app (though digital switches can be optioned in). And a B&O Beoplay A1 wireless speaker provides the mood music during otherwise quiet jaunts on the water.

Q Yachts told Superyacht News last month that the company was positioning itself as the "Tesla of the seas" and you can see the Q30's first owners take the all-electric day cruiser out in Helsinki waters in the video below.

Source: Q Yachts

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