At CES 2014, Samsung introduced three new versions of its Galaxy Tab with business users in mind. The Galaxy TabPRO comes in 12.2, 10.1 and 8.4-inch versions with a host of new features and software aimed at boosting how productive a tablet can be, while the 12.2-inch model also gets what Samsung calls "the world’s first 12.2-inch WQXGA Widescreen (16:10) display, offering crystal clear resolution (2560x1600) with more than 4 million pixels."

I spent some time with the different flavors of the TabPRO on the CES floor, and the difference in the 4-megapixel display on the larger model is noticeable.

The first software tweak that caught my attention on these devices is what Samsung is calling its new "Magazine UX," which basically transforms the home screen into something that ends up looking an awful lot like Windows 8.1, pulling relevant, constantly-updating information and important apps onto a single screen.

But the TabPro seeks to one-up Windows in multi-tasking, with the ability to split your screen between four different apps. How useful this might be with screens that top out at 12.2 inches in size remains to be seen, but it could certainly make for an interesting new way to watch video while also Googling and Tweeting about it.

The TabPro also comes with meeting software like WebEx preloaded alongside subscriptions to services like Bloomberg Businessweek+, Dropbox and NY Times.

Samsung says the TabPro and its companion NotePro will be available globally at some point this quarter. No word yet on pricing.

Source: Samsung

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