My name is Loz, and I have a problem with tool lust. I find it very difficult to leave a hardware or auto shop without a heat gun, a ratcheting spanner set or some new air tool on top of the three bolts I went in there for. And while I've never had to screw a wall together or install a deck – and I have no plans to start in the immediate future – I'd still find it incredibly hard to resist one of these things if I ever saw it in person. It's a belt-feed screwdriver. A freakin' belt-feed screwdriver. Load it up with a strip of screws, and you're ready to screw more things in quicker succession than you'd ever have dreamed possible. Just watching the Quik Drive promo video after the jump sent me into a shuddering toolgasm.

I could bore you with specifications like the fact you can get the Quik-Drive auto-feed drive system with your choice of DeWalt or Makita 2500rpm motors, or the fire-breathing 4500rpm Makita version for those who need to screw fast and hard.

I could talk about the different models, for subfloors, steel, wood, roofing and the like, or I could go on about the long attachment handle that lets you fasten down floorboards without having to kneel down or bend over.

I could talk about how using screws to fasten things is so much more effective and longer-lasting than nails, how a floor screwed down is so much less likely to creak than a nailed one, or how this jigger makes screwing something down as quick and easy as using a nailgun.

And these are all good points. But at the end of the day, people, it's a freakin' belt-feed screwdriver. It had me at hello.

More information at the Strongtie Quik Drive website.

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