Texas Memory Systems has just unveiled a monster enterprise-level PCIe-based solid state storage solution that's blisteringly fast and offers almost a terabyte of available capacity. Nicknamed Gorilla by the company, the RamSan-70 represents the seventh generation of the RamSan product family and uses Toshiba 32nm SLC Flash on a single half-length x8 PCIe card. It's said to offer up to 330,000 IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) read performance and 160,000 write, and up to 2GB per second sustained random throughput.

The company says that the RamSan-70 has been designed specifically for OEMs and will no doubt be priced accordingly, so you're unlikely to find any of these beasts slotted into home computers. Each half-length, full height PCIe Gorilla comes with 450 GB on the main card plus 450 GB on an optional mezzanine card, and features an onboard PowerPC CPU and high-performance Xilinx FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) for management of all memory functions.

It's the first product to feature a new Series-7 Flash Controller, which is said to be capable of handling all Flash management functions without needing any help from the host system's processor. The RamSan-70 also benefits from chip-level RAID protection, an advanced error correction algorithm, and its built-in capacitors ensure that RAM used for translation tables is active long enough to dump data into Flash storage in the event of power loss. Proprietary wear-leveling technology is said to spread writes over the whole card to maximize product lifespan.

All of these features will likely see the RamSan-70 head straight for data farms and high-end servers upon release within the next four to eight weeks. Pricing has not been made public and is available on request.

Small business and home users looking for single card PCIe-based SSD storage may find the somewhat slower, but likely much more affordable, Angelbird solution a more appealing option.