Land Rover has expanded its Range Rover Sport lineup, plugging the gap between the entry level car and its more expensive V8 stablemates with the new Range Rover Sport HST. Powered by a retuned version of the Range Rover Sport's supercharged engine, the HST's 3.0-liter supercharged V6 produces 40 hp (30 kW) more than the the standard Sport, and features a more road-focused suspension tune for improved handling.

Aside from the more powerful motor, the HST is packing a number of visual upgrades to help it stand out in the SUV crowd. Black highlights, including the roof and redesigned spoiler, help to cut back on the bling adorning the standard car for a meaner look ... a look reinforced by the car's satin grey 21-inch wheels. Owners also have the option of choosing 22-inch black wheels, if they're keen to ruin the ride quality.

The HST is also fitted with a unique front splitter and and rear bumper that provide extra cooling for the uprated powertrain package, while detail-focused Range Rover enthusiasts will also notice the car's red Sport badges and body-colored lower door panels.

Keeping the Range Rover's mass under control in the corners is a job for the HST's uprated suspension, which has been set up to allow less body roll in the bends than the comfort-focused system in the standard Sport. Stopping is handled by new 20-inch brake discs, clamped on by red calipers.

Not all of the HST's upgrades are physical. Range Rover has also adjusted the Sport's Terrain Response system to include a new Dynamic mode, which gives drivers a sharper throttle, firmer suspension setup and quicker gearshifts so drivers can better enjoy the HST's extra power on a winding road.

Inside, the HST retains the luxury focus that Range Rover is famous for. Four different color combinations are available for the contrasting leather on the dashboard and seats, and special HST badging features on the dashboard, floor mats and a special markings on the car's TFT instrument binnacle.

The HST's rollout is part of a larger upgrade to the Range Rover Sport range, which includes the standard fitment of stop-start technology to the SDV8 model and the addition of Auto Access Height, which lowers the car for easy ingress and egress when a door opens. Unfortunately for global buyers, the HST will only be available in North America, Russia, China and the Middle East.

Source: Land Rover