There's no doubt that the Raspberry Pi has played a huge part in the growth of the maker community. But if you wanted to buy the cheap-yet-powerful mini computer, you'd likely have to do so online. For tinkerers in the UK, that's now changed with the opening of the first Raspberry Pi retail store in Cambridge.

Though the Pi has found itself a vital component of countless maker projects since the first board went on sale in February 2012, stepping into the Pi universe for the first time can be a little daunting. There are active communities all over the world where noobs can get help and advice, but there's nothing like walking into a store and going hands on for yourself.

And that's precisely what the new Raspberry Pi retail space can offer. Visitors to the store on the first floor of the Grand Arcade in the heart of Cambridge can not only pick up all the current Pi generations, but can also see what it's all about via demo stations.

There are books and manuals available for those new to Pi, or makers looking for answers and project ideas, and hardware that may prove useful for Pi projects, such as SD card and SSD storage, I/O peripherals and other accessories.

Raspberry Pi gift ideas are also available to purchase, including mugs and cuddly toys, should you wish to spread some Pi love to friends and relatives.

There's no indication whether this will be the first of many, but it's an interesting move from the Raspberry Pi Foundation – particularly at a time when many town center stores are closing due to their inability to compete with online retailers.

The Raspberry Pi Store is open seven days a week, with the doors staying open into the evening on Wednesdays. The video below has more.

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