Raytheon Jam-Resistant GPS Antennas

Raytheon Jam-Resistant GPS Antennas
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April 2, 2007 Raytheon’s GAS-1 jam-resistant Global Positioning System (GPS)-antenna technology seems to be going from strength to strength, and with another option conversion under its current contract with the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy announced this week, more than 4000 of the units will be in operation by 2008. The system is able to recognise sources of electrical interference and by adjusting the way in which it receives the satellite signals, reject them, allowing navigation equipment to function safely, accurately and efficiently. In military use this allows operations to be carried out with greater accuracy and less risk. Raytheon claims its anti-jam system is able to track jammers and generate nulls faster than any competing system, and based on the order books, the claims appear verified.

This latest order is valued at over UKP 6.8 million and includes equipment for numerous aircraft applications across both services.

Jeremy Cook, Business Development Executive for the RSL team said, “This latest contract is the second largest placed for our GAS-1 technology and secures production work for the next two years and will take us beyond the delivery of the 4,000th GAS-1 AE unit which is likely to occur early in 2008”. He added, “In May this year the Raytheon Production teams in the UK and Florida will have completed their seventh consecutive year of ‘On Time Delivery’. You can only maintain this sort of performance with teamwork and a key player in the team is the customer organisation at Warner Robins Air Logistic Centre in Georgia USA. They are very proactive with the platform System Programme Offices and work extremely hard throughout the year to coordinate the operational requirements for integration and spares provisioning for both domestic and international users of the GAS-1 system”.

Production deliveries of the GAS-1 system commenced in 1998 and rising order values over the years is partly due to the increasing interest from international customers who have chosen to take advantage of the U.S. Foreign Military Sales programme.

Raytheon Systems Limited is the U.K.-based subsidiary of Raytheon Company. It is a prime contractor and major supplier to the U.K. Ministry of Defence and is involved in numerous, high priority programmes for the U.S. Department of Defense. RSL designs, develops and manufactures a range of high technology defence and commercial electronic systems at its facilities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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