Tablets may be the hot tech right now, but you wouldn't know it looking at the PC gaming sector. An iPad may be good for playing Angry Birds or any other casual app, but doesn't exactly have the horsepower to run the most recent, graphics-heavy titles. For that reason, Razer, the video game hardware developer, has designed a new concept tablet, unveiled at CES 2012, built expressly to play current PC games like a buffed out gaming rig.

Developers have been pushing to bridge the gap between tablets and hardcore games for the past year now, with apps like OnLive's, as well as controllers and gamepad attachments. With its new concept gaming tablet, Razer seems to have taken all those ideas and rolled them into one. The tablet, going by the name "Project Fiona," boasts a 10.1-inch screen with dual controllers attached to the side. These controllers allow any gamepad-enabled title to be playable on the tablet, and Razer hopes the multi-touch screen could open up other interactive elements to developers. The tablet also features force feedback in the two "handles" as well as a 3-axis gyro, magnetometer, and accelerometer for more immersive gameplay. The integrated Intel Core i7 processor is what gives the tablet the power to run modern games, and it features the only tablet sound system to be certified by audio specialists THX.

Probably the most important feature of Project Fiona however is that most games run natively on the device, meaning they don't need to be ported or optimized any further in order to run. Essentially, the tablet can run almost any video game released within the past few years right out of the box.

Razer hopes to release the tablet to the public in Q4 2012.

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