Razor has used London Toy Fair 2016 to announce its latest Crazy Cart, and this one is designed to make drifting even easier than previous models. The Crazy Cart Shift makes a number of changes which will enable younger drivers to achieve serious drifts, including easier steering wheel-based drifting and an 8 mph (13 km/h) max speed.

The Crazy Cart Shift is aimed at users aged eight and up. That means it will allow kids who've previously fallen into the gap between the toddler-friendly Lil' Crazy and the Crazy Cart, to join in the drifting fun. Larger grown-ups will still be best catered for with the Crazy Cart XL, which we had fun playing with last year.

As with previous models, the upcoming kart will have a bucket-style seat, but features a polypropylene unibody construction. Size-wise it's said to be similar to the original Crazy Cart, with the main difference being the omission of the Drift Bar which has previously been used to manage drifts. This time drift will be controlled using the steering wheel, making it more like drifting in a real car.

Another change from the Crazy Cart and XL is the move to a Power Core hub motor rather than the traditional chain-driven motor. The Crazy Cart Shift features a 24V rechargeable battery which is said to be good for runs of around an hour on each full charge. Throttle is controlled with your foot, and the kart can get up to speeds of 8 mph … which should feel fast enough for youngsters when spinning around, thanks to the dual inclined rear caster wheels.

The Razor Crazy Cart Shift is due to launch later this year, and will set you back £250 (about US$355) when it does.

Source: Razor

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