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Reclaiming all that space in the attic - EZ Attic

Reclaiming all that space in t...
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January 29, 2006 Yet more proof that you don’t need an MBA from Harvard and backing from Kleiner Perkins to have a good idea and bring it to market is the EZ Attic, an idea spawned when Illinois resident Mark Dzwonkiewicz was trying to create some usable storage space in his attic one day. The amount of effort and the cost of creating flooring made him believe there had to be a better way and he started work on a solution. Two years later he brought the EZ Attic Storage Flooring mat to market, enabling people to turn wasted attic space into valuable storage. Each matt measures 50 inches by 72 inches, and offers 24 square feet of storage space for US$50.

In Mark’s mind, the mat needed to be easily carried and transportable in a small car, easily lifted into the attic by one person, easily secured, and capable of holding a sizeable person’s weight when supported by standard floor joists 24 inches apart.

In the end a simple mat of bamboo construction did the trick.

BTW – if Kleiner Perkins come knocking, might we suggest you give them an audience at least.

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What ever happened to this? Seems like a great idea.