Modern technology is capable of creating some astounding vehicles, as is evidenced by a behemoth of remarkable proportions that will be one of the attractions at the forthcoming Top Gear Live shows in the U.K. Each 6ft x 4ft wheel/tire combination of the Ford 350 Monster truck weighs in at a quarter of a ton, but that's no problem because its methanol-burning, supercharged 9.5 liter Chevy motor produces 1300 bhp and more than 1000 ft-lb of torque.

Economical it is not, delivering a jaw-dropping 50-60 yards per gallon thanks to its 4.5 tonne weight. Completing the over-the-top creation, the truck is fitted with a 600 psi air cannon capable of firing any object up to 650 kg (1,433 lb). Refrigerators go more than 80 yards (73 m), scooters (pictured) go a lot further.

Named Red Dragon, the monster was built by former European Monster Truck Champion, Rob Williams, and will be one of the many attractions at the Top Gear Live shows at NEC Birmingham (November 11 - 13) and ExCeL London (November 24 - 27).