Van artists love nothing more than to have new clay to mold, and the Volkswagen T6 has already served to make some very nice sculptures. We've seen it as a versatile camper van in the Tonke Van, and now Redline shows it can be an equally convincing luxury limo. The Russian tuning studio has transformed the T6 Multivan into an ultra-comfy chauffeured van with 2 + 1 cabin.

Having plenty of experience converting the fifth-generation Transporter, it was only a matter of time before Redline put its efforts into the T6. A client commissioned it to design a more comfortable version of the T6 for three passengers, and its T6 conversion program was underway.

The Multivan is a great place for van converters to start because of its integrated floor rail system. Redline relies on this system to keep the interior seating adjustable, using an electric slide on the two rearmost seats.

Those rear seats fulfill the mandate of a more comfortable cabin because Redline ripped out the stock bench and replaced it with cushier BMW 7-Series seating with massage, heating and ventilation. There's also an electric retractable footrest below each seat on the rear bench. The front seat was designed for the client's child and offers 180-degree swiveling.

To keep parents and child entertained, Redline has added an entertainment system with 27-in television, digital TV tuner, Apple TV and mobile Internet connection. The television is mounted to an electrically activated slide that repositions it from left to right, depending upon which passengers are watching.

Redline has split the driver's cab and passenger cabin with a partition wall that includes a power window, with an intercom keeping the rear passengers and driver connected when the glass is up. Additional upgrades include an ambient lighting package, an electric folding table and mirror on the back of the front child's seat, window curtains, and leather and wood trim. Redline says a refrigerator is available as an option.

Redline's T6 isn't quite as luxurious as the Sprinter-based Brabus Business Lounge we scoped out at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but we'd definitely be happy if our local airport shuttle service swapped a fleet of Redlines in for the stock vans and SUVs – not a bad look for the new T6 at all. Redline is now moving on to its second T6 conversion, which it promises will be quite different from this one.

The 1.5-minute video clip below provides a closer look at the T6's features, including its many electrically adjustable components.

Source: Redline

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