Auckland based firm Pacific Environment Architects is the creator of this impressive treehouse located near Warkworth in New Zealand. The Redwoods Treehouse is a striking pod-shaped structure built ten meters (33 feet) high in the tree tops. Originally commissioned as part of a marketing campaign for the Yellow Pages phone directory, the treehouse is now a permanent attraction for treetop diners.

The pod itself accommodates 30 guests, and access is provided by a 60-meter (197-ft) elevated tree-top walkway, built using redwood that was milled on site. The architectural component embodies a simple pod-like form that appears to be “organically” wrapped around the tree trunk. Anchor points at the top and the bottom structurally tie the pod in position, and the circular plan opens on the axis to accommodate the entrance and playful tree-top walkway.

The treehouse structure features an impressive height of over 40 meters (131 ft), split-level flooring and a 1.7 meter (5.6 ft) diameter at the base. The curved fins are made from glue-laminated pine, while plantation poplar has been used for the slats. Open space left between the fins and slats allows for natural sunlight to filter through the structure during the day, and by night it transforms into a glowing tree-top lantern. To loosen the regularity of the elements, steel has been wrapped arbitrarily around the pod, while acrylic sheeting fixed to the roof and roll-down café-style blinds render the structure weather resistant.

Secluded among the peaceful New Zealand landscape, the Redwoods Treehouse offers a unique location for dinner parties and private functions. The treetop restaurant is available for daily hire, with a range of catering options to choose from.

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